Superior Outlet and Pawn Shop

Superior Outlet and Pawn Shop


Quotes Great communication, great price and great product-- received quickly and exactly as described. Would definitely do business with again! Quotes
Stefan M
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Quotes "Superior Outlet & Pawn Shop..3630 Jefferson Davis Highway, Richmond, VA..(804) 271-1963 Open Monday through Saturday, Superior Outlet & Pawn Shop is well - known throughout the Richmond, Virginia area for consistently buying and selling a wide variety of merchandise. Fair and honest prices are paid for all items here and the prices of items for sale are likewise reasonable. This excellent pawn shop normally buys and sells many different types and styles of gold, silver and platinum jewelry, including rings, diamonds, watches, necklaces, bracelets and more. Computers and printers, laptops, Camcorders, CD players, cameras and TV's are also regularly bought and sold at this Richmond, Virginia pawn shop, as are myriad other items. Superior Outlet & Pawn Shop also buys all types of gold items." -The Top Pawn Shops in Richmond, Virginia Quotes
Thomas J McCabe

Quotes I shop here all the time... they have a lot of jewelry and they always give me great deals whenever I want to purchase something. Quotes
Marie S

Quotes This is an awesome Pawn Shop. The owner and his family are welcoming and friendly. They are very willing to help you out in any situation. I feel comfortable every time I go there Quotes

Quotes Honest people, knowledgeable and helpful when in need. They are competitive in their pricing and willing to check out local listing for pricing and reduce theirs to meet the lowest out there or more. I bought a lawnmower they had sitting outside which was priced at $199 and i mentioned it should be less the guy went and checked it on the internet and showed me how much it was selling ($429.99 at lowes) then he reduced the price to $175. I would recommend them anytime. P.S. Watch your attitude with them. Quotes
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